Phoenix AmeriCap Impact Investors Summit

The firm works with over 300 family offices to coordinate it’s annual impact investor’s summit.  

The first annual 2019 impact investment summit was hosted in Montreaux, Switzerland where the firm was successful in getting commitment of $200Mil for the world’s largest metal recycling plant. The summit is in partnership with IMPACT Exchange (The firm’s gold backed, impact investment driven, cryptocurrency exchange), to provide transparency using blockchain.  IMPACT Exchange is in partnership with McCafeeDex

The plant will be operated by HeHe resources, and based in Jebel Ali United Arab Emirates.  The operation will process 5,000,000MT of metal per year in Dubai. 

The next summit is in discussions to take place in Seychelles, or the Montreaux, Switzerland in June 2020, and will highligh two chartiable organizations, and three disruptive impact investment opportunities.

If you feel your company or any firm would benefit, as an investor (Delegate), or impact investment opportunity email the organizing team for more details.

Please request information package at