Our Partners

UNEP FI (United Nations Environment Programme – Finance Initiative)

Formed by a partnership between United Nations Environment Programme and the global financial sector created in the context of the 1992 Earth Summit with a mission to promote sustainable finance. Over 200 financial institutions, including banks, insurers and investors, work with UNEP to understand today’s environmental challenges, why they matter to finance, and how to actively participate in addressing them.

UNEP FI’s work also includes a strong focus on policy – by fomenting country-level dialogues between finance practitioners, supervisors, regulators and policy-makers, and, at the international level, by promoting financial sector involvement in processes such as the global climate negotiations.
Finally, UNEP FI hosts the Global Roundtable every other year since 1994.


Argento Infrastructure International is our infrastructure partner responsible for procuring and managing relationships between the offshore technology partners, local partners and government.  Argento Infrastructure international is more than a local partner. They are a key component in securing the technology we provide and finance.

HEHE Resources

HEHE Resources

HEHE Resources FZE is a newly formed LLC registered in JAFZA, United Arab Emirates, having obtained the license to operate in “scrap & metal waste trading” and “basic non-ferrous metals products trading”, as well as the approval from Dubai Customs for the import and export of relevant product categories.

The company is a dedicated investment and operations vehicle for the metals recycling project in Dubai, a project initiated by industry experts who have successfully delivered similar projects in the past, with the experience to work the full value chain to bring about the best utilisation and value of recyclable materials. Once in full capacity, the project will be the world’s largest single unit metals recycling plant, and recycle 5 m tons of aluminium, steel and copper annually across a 5,000 acre site, while providing employment to 30-50k skilled personnel and bringing in estimate US$1Bn to the local economy as a whole, effectively turning the Emirate into a new global urban mining center and a hub/distribution centre for metals products. The state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly treatment process also means that the project will generate zero landfill waste, in line with the strict requirements of DP World.

HEHE Resources FZE’s major shareholder is a HK incorporated entity, Huazhang Environmental Resources Investment Ltd, which is itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Huazhang Technology Ltd (HZT), a Cayman island incorporated company listed on the main board of HKeX.

Aquila Talent Solutions  

Human capital remains one of the biggest assets for organisations and Aquila Talent Solutions recognise the importance of investing in the people who works tirelessly to make their vision a reality. The firm is dedicated to strong leadership that will take Africa and the Middle East forward as high growth markets. The partnership with Aquila Talent Solutions is geared towards assisting  clients with leadership development and executive coaching. 

GAIA Capital Management

GAIA Capital Management is an award winning investment manager that seeks to deliver strong risk adjusted alpha returns with low correlation to other investment classes. GAIA has assembled  a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional team with extensive experience in the fields of asset management, strategy development and statistical/technical analysis.
Research Driven – Advanced analysis and methods derived from modern mathematics and technical analysis are utilized in the statistical calculation of high frequency financial data.
Alpha Emphasis – Purely systematic focus on extracting alpha from non-random price anomalies, in contrast to traditional fully discretionary and beta-only strategies.
Global Reach – Proprietary technology to systematically identify exploitable non-random price behavior that can be implemented across any trade-able market worldwide.
Proprietary Technology – Fully systematic rules based multi system trading program.
Multi-cycle Experience – Team has over 100 years of combined experience in investing, trading and business management across multiple economic cycles.

* Winner – 2016 AI Hedge Fund – Best Systematic FX Program

* # 1 – Currency Traders Managing more than $10m – 2017 BarclayHedge

* # 1 – Systematic Traders Managing more than $10m – 2018 BarclayHedge

MultiBank Group

MultiBank was established in California, USA in 2005. Since its launch MultiBank has evolved into one of the largest financial derivatives companies worldwide, with a current paid up capital of over US $322 million. 

MultiBank maintains over 20 offices worldwide, including MEX Fintech (Hong Kong), MEX Exchange (Australia), MEX Asset Management (Germany), MEX Asset Management (Austria), MEX Spain, MultiBank Forex Exchange (USA), MultiBank LATAM (Mexico), MEX Group (China), MultiBank Vietnam, MultiBank Philippines, MultiBank Malaysia, MultiBank MENA (UAE), MEX Clearing (UAE), MultiBank Kuwait, MEX Prime (Cyprus), MEX Financial Technologies (Turkey), MultiBank FX International (BVI), MBG (BVI) and MEX Wealth Management (Cayman Islands).