Phoenix AmeriCapital is involved in working with innovative startups, communities, municipalities and government institutions reach their full infrastructure potential. Our investment in your business and community is more than just financial. With Phoenix AmeriCapital sustainable development – as defined by the UNEPFI as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs – plays a crucial role in sound business management. When we commit to working with a client, we become partners and lend our full support behind their efforts to move their community and company forward. Contact us to learn more about our investment portfolio and latest success stories.

Our Principals


Phoenix AmeriCapital was founded in 2006 after years of working in the business and investment banking industry on Wall Street. Our goal is to help communities, municipalities, and governments turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies with fundraising and infrastructure guidance. As a results-driven organization, we are constantly looking for ambitious and visionary partners. As a financial institution we strive to be important contributors to sustainable development, through our interaction with other economic sectors, consumers other financial institutions and through our own financing, investment and trading activities.

We focus on acquisitions and building startup opportunities with growth potential in Africa, we envisage key areas for Infrastructure development across Africa tied to the Natural Resources and Renewable Energy sectors, as well as investment in Real Estate and the Hospitality Industry. We ascribe to the United Nations Environment Programme​ FI in recognizing that sustainable development is an institutional commitment, thus it is an integral part of our pursuit of both good corporate citizenship and the fundamentals of sound business practices.

The group captures the right partnerships and resources coupled with the drive and flexibility to take startups and acquisitions to the next level.

For details about our investment process as well as our level of involvement, get in touch with us.

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